Namaste! I am Dipendra Pradhan, Nepal based Web Designer and Developer. I am a freelancer and contract Web designer & Web developer, who work independently. I had also work with other web companies on various projects. As a Web Developer my work is dedicated to developing and maintaining websites and web-based tools for ethically-minded businesses, organizations and non-profits companies. I provide services in web design, web development,database-driven application development & graphic design and SEO.

Nowadays, I am focusing on world’s most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems “Joomla”. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Basically I do customization of Joomla! Including core files, development of new components, modules and plug-in, optimize Joomla Web development solutions to help you obtain superior Search Engine Rankings. My job is not just to apply Joomla templates, but to develop complex publishing sites.And I also work on WordPress CMS. I do customization of both Joomla and WordPress.

Why Me?

  • I use and endorse web standards, such as XHTML & CSS, making the sites I build accessible to a wide range of browsers and devices.
  • I have over 5 years experience in web design & development, production and user-interface design.
  • I provide benefits to clients through decreased development and maintenance cost and time.
  • I offer a complete service package, including hosting, reporting and online marketing.
  • My clients are very satisfied with the work I do, and use my services frequently.
  • My work is of a consistent high standard.

What are my Skills?

  • Website Designing (HTML, CSS, XHTML, XML, PS, Flash, JavaScript,Ajax)
  • Graphic Designing (Logo, Banner, Visiting Cards etc.)
  • Web Programming (PHP, MySQL)
  • WordPress(E-commerce)
  • Joomla(E-commerce)

My Web Expertise Includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • User Interface Designs
  • Eye Catching Designs
  • W3C Standards
  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • CSS

If you’re looking to hire any freelance or contract work, I’m always there to help my clients and help them create and build dynamic websites.

You can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.