Whether you're a web fashioner, somebody mulling over web outline, or somebody who is simply chipping away at the web plan for a site you plan to commission, now and again you're liable to go over an industry term that genuinely is by all accounts in an outside dialect, or an acronym that you simply can't make head or tail of. On the off chance that somebody's simply let you know that you're HTML, JPEG and PHP for your CMS is not SEF or agreeing with W3C rules and you have no clue what they're discussing, here's a brisk rundown on basic web outline terms and acronyms for you:


A program is PC program that shows sites on the web. Without programs there would be no web outline. A case of a program is Internet Explorer.


CMS means Content Management System. A CMS is a framework utilized as a part of web configuration to include or revise message a website page.


A database is a gathering of information put away on a web server. Databases are utilized as a part of the web outline of hunt pages.

E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce sites are those that are particularly settled to empower the buy or offer of items or administrations over the web.


Glimmer is a Plugin delivered by Adobe that empowers rich usefulness in web outline. Glimmer is frequently utilized as a part of the configuration of recreations and other enlivened peculiarities.


HTML meant HyperText Markup Language. It is the essential scripting dialect used to compose site pages.

Landing page

A landing page is the first page that is shown when a client opens a web program or chooses the "home" catch on the program menu. Individuals regularly have their landing page set to mainstream or valuable locales, for example, Google or a news encourage, for example, MSN or CNN.

Facilitating Company

Facilitating organizations offer space on their web servers for open deal or rental. Each site must have a host so working a facilitating organization can be a lucrative business venture.


A hyperlink is a connection to an alternate picture, archive, download or site that is installed in a page.


JPEG means Joint Photographic Experts Group. A JPEG is a kind of picture document and is the basic picture organization needed for pictures utilized as a part of web configuration.


PHP remains for Hypertext Preprocesser. It is an alternate coding predominantly used to make element (moving or intelligent) website pages.


SEF means Search Engine Friendly and alludes to any component of a site that moves in the direction of enhancing the perceivability of a site on prominent web search tools, for example, Google.


SEO remains for Search Engine Optimization that is an arrangement of techniques used to support a site's position in web index results postings.

Internet searcher

A Search Engine is a site that has been particularly intended to permit clients to hunt down data on the web by entering key inquiry terms to direct the pursuit and request the outcomes as indicated by their importance. Google is the most extraordinary web index.


W3C remains for World Wide Web Consortium. The W3C is an association that manages norms of web plan and advancement on an universal scale.