Inside Joomla 3.0's server settings is an alternative marked Gzip Page Compression. What this characteristic does is permit your server to clamp records before sending them to the client. This implies that the client need to downloaded less substance on the grounds that it is layered, and consequently in principle pages ought to load speedier for your clients.

To empower Gzip Page Compression in Joomla 3.X

As a matter of course, Gzip Page Compressions is impaired in Joomla 3.X. You can take after these settings to turn it on:

Step 1: Log into your Joomla 3.X dashboard

Step 2: In the left menu, click the Global Configuration join

Step 3: Inside the tabs recorded at the highest point of the page, click Server

Step 4: Under Server Settings and alongside Gzip Page Compression, click Yes. At that point click Save in the upper left menu.

You can utilize this page to test if your pages are, no doubt sent to the client in a layered organization.

GZip Compression

You can see that the first size of the page was 11.8kb, and when packed the page was just 3.8kb. This is an information reserve funds of 68%!