1. Enact the Language Filter Plugin and set fundamental site choices.


New to Joomla 1.7 head off to Extensions>plug-in Manager and find the System-Language Filter Plugin and click on the name to alter it.

2. NEW alternative - Automatic Language Change


Pick the site dialect or attempt to recognize the clients program settings and it will immediately switch to that dialect. Set Automatic Language Change to "Yes"

NEW to 1.7: You can now copartner menu things in diverse dialects. In the event that a menu thing is not copartnered, the conduct will be the same as in 1.6, that seems to be, redirect to the home page in the dialect concerned.

3. Open the Language Manager and add to Content.


Begin by going to Extensions>language Manager

4. Head off to the Content tab to begin designing your dialects.


Click on the "Substance " tab.

5. View the default as an illustration.


You will just see "Englisth (UK). Click on the name and take a gander at the way this one is arranged. You'll be doing the extra ones in a comparable way


Title = The name of the dialect as it will show up in the dropdown records when appointing the dialect to a thing. This Title will additionally be utilized by the langswitcher module within front-end when banners are not utilized.

Title Native = A title in any dialect sought by the administrator to be shown in the Content Language rundown.

URL Language Code= This Language Code will be attached to the site url. The point when SEF is empowered, one will get http://mysite.com/en/. In the event that SEF is handicapped the postfix &lang=en will be annexed at the end of the URL. Note the Language Code must be remarkable around all the dialects.

Picture Prefix = Prefix of the picture record for this dialect when utilizing the "Utilization picture banners" Language Switcher fundamental alternative. Sample: if "en" is picked, then the picture ought be en.gif. Pictures and CSS for this module are in media/mod_languages/  

Clients can include any image/flag there with any prefix. Sample: pt_br for the Brazilian banner.

Dialect Tag = Enter here the dialect tag sample: en-GB for English (UK). This ought to be the accurate prefix utilized for the dialect introduced or to be introduced.

Distributed = Whether this substance dialect is distributed or not. In the event that distributed, it will show as a decision in the Language Switcher module in frontend.

To work OK, the particular site dialect must be introduced. At the same time, you can get ready substance in a particular Content Language without actually introducing the dialect concerned. You can finish this procedure and introduce the dialect packs when you have to.

Metadata (Not envisioned) These metadata definitions will override Global Configuration Metadata in Multilanguage arrangement for every dialect utilized.

6. Include another dialect

Basically click the "New" Icon and you'll see the structure, yet everything will be spotless. In the one beneath you can perceive how it was set up for the German dialect.

Rehash this venture for every dialect you are going to utilize.

7. Arrange the new dialect.


You can get the picture prefix from the pictures as of recently stacked into /public_html/yourjoomladirectory/media/mod_languages/images  

Also the dialect tag is the name of the organizer that has the dialect indexes after you transfer them. You will discover them in /dialect

8. Enact the System-Laguage Filter

Backpedal to the Extensions menu and head off to the Plug-in Manager. Find the System - Language Filter by scrolling or utilizing the pursuit box. Verify it is empowered.

9. Backpedal to the principle menu and make another menu thing for every dialect.


You have to make a menu thing for every dialect, including English. Primary home page connection will utilize 'All" in the dialect designation. No less than one catch must be designated to utilize "All" and you won't have the ability to change the fundamental home page dialect choice.


You can name the pages anything you need and they don't have to be distributed. Assuming that everything is going admirably, you'll see the banners. You can likewise make nitty gritty menu assignments when you set the parameters in the menu thing.

10. When you make the menu thing, pick the dialect and set it as a default.


You have to have a page for every dialect you utilize, and you have to have it be the default page for that dialect. So check the "Yes" in Default Page. This won't change the primary default page which is on the principle menu. These pages will be stowed away.

Pick the dialect for this page in the Language drop down

You can likewise set the arrangement style for this dialect in the event that you require numerous outlines. Case in point, you may need an every dialect segment to have its header, shades and layout.

11. Make Menu Associations


Case in point: When a menu thing is tagged to fr-FR, and is copartnered to a menu thing tagged en-GB, if the dialect switcher module is available on the page, clicking on the en-GB flag/name redirects to the en-GB menu thing. You will just see this alternative in the slider in the event that you picked "Yes" to Menu Associations in step 1, when you initiated and designed the plugin.

12. Head off to the Module Manager and empower the Language Switcher module.


There will be a default duplicate there recently.

You can actuate this one, or make extra duplicates for incorporation on diverse pages or positions.


13. Set the module parameters


It's much the same as any viable module. Give careful consideration to the position, however. It introduces with a default position, that may not be on your arrangement. Make certain it is distributed in an obvious position.

NEW to 1.7


New to Joomla 1.7: is an alternative for a dropdown menu rather than the nation banners. In the event that you favor a content, set this to yes.

14. Set module page assignments.


You must have the module alloted in any event to the default dialect home pages.

15. Check the dialect setting on your default home page.


The real site home page ought to have the dialect set to "All" no less than one page on the site must be set to "All"

16. Backtrack Extensions>extension Manager to transfer your dialect packs.


You can do this in the recent past, or in the wake of, making the Language Content entrances. In the event that you include new dialects at a later time make sure to experience the methodology for the new dialect.

17. Transfer the dialect bundle indexes.


You can discover dialect packs at http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/languages/translations-for-joomla

You may see two compress indexes, one for administrator and one for site. In some cases they are consolidated in a solitary bundle. Simply make certain to deliberately check the download pages to determine you get the right one. Be mindful so as not to befuddle the dialect pack with the full outside dialect conveyance, which is a completely deciphered Joomla establishment, not only an extra dialect.

18. Triumph!


You will know you are fruitful assuming that you see the dialect switcher module in your sought area, and the banners, or content dropdown, are noticeable. When you click on them you'll see the interchange interpretation.